Raw Footage

Raw video footage is a very daunting thing, indeed. It exists in folders with names like “Card 1” and with nondescript file names like “IMG_4067.mov” that give you no clue as to what content is in it, unless you shot it yourself. You will have to sift through hundreds of clips from multiple cards and cameras.  Audio is also completely seperate and in multiple clips from multiple sources. It would only be useful to someone if  you plan on reviewing and editing the all  of footage yourself. Most don’t. The fact is most people don’t have the time to deal with this massive project. For a professional editor it will take at least 26 hours to edit a wedding, but it can easily creep upwards of 40 hours depending on the event or client.  Needless to say, it would take someone who was not a pro a lot longer and most likely would not be as good of a product.

Video editing is very hard on your computer. Part of what make s a pro editor fast is the investment they have made to get the best gear they can possibly get to make the process go smoothly, and that includes some serious computer horsepower. Not to mention the cost of storage. A wedding film that is not backed up is one power surge away from getting erased. At D&P Multimedia we back up everyone’s wedding… Twice.

Not to mention that video editing is hard! Seriously, it is. No matter what anyone else would leave you to believe, taking three camera angles and multiple off camera audio sources, syncing them up, and editing them takes a good amount of skill to do correctly and should not be attempted lightly. A good editor is so much more than just someone who can “work computers good”. They are a good storyteller with the understanding of feel and timing necessary to bring life and gravity to the footage they are editing.

You don’t need raw footage if all you want is a digital version of your wedding. Any modern wedding videographer will provide this to their client. You simply will not be able to re-edit their work, and for most people that’s totally fine

Do you still want raw video footage?

I want to make one thing abundantly clear. We love the various wedding blogs that are available for to help our couples to become educated consumers. They are great tools for them to learn about wedding planning “dos and don’ts”.  In many ways they are our bread and butter because they let people know about our company and services and create demand for creative, high-end photo and video. For this, we here at D&P Multimedia are forever grateful! In light of this, we offer a bit of advise to those reading them to get tips for planning your dream wedding and booking your photo and video professional: Take their advice with a grain of salt. Most of the writers are not photo or video professionals and are unaware of what goes into making these works of art come to life. One of the bits of advice many of our brides are given is “Ask your videographer for the raw footage.” Frankly, we think this is bad advice for most couples. Before you request raw footage from us or any videographer ask yourself a few questions

   1. “Is sifting through hundreds of clips of my wedding going to be an enjoyable experience?”
   2. “Will viewing these clips separately  instead of in a professionally edited video going to help me relive that day?”
   3. “Is my computer capable of playing this video?”
   4. “Am I comfortable getting anything less the the fullness of the artistic vision of the video professional I am hiring?”